Monday, August 4, 2008

An Important Message

This last Sunday our Pastor delivered a sermon that really hits hard. I know that we all know that God is coming back soon. Do we ever consider that he may come within our lifetime? With the way things are going now, it should not surprise anyone. The Bible states that no man knows the hour or the day. Which means he can make his return a year from now, a month from now, or even before I end this blog. On the other hand he may not come for another century. Regardless, should we as Christians live our lives as if that day is far off?

  • In Luke 21 it talks of looking to heaven when we start seeing the signs prophesied. Are we looking for Gods coming? Or are we too busy in our hectic days to glance up? Whether or not we look or not, it will come to pass, and eveyone will see it. And you can guarantee that we will hear it too. Countless times the Bible speaks of hearing the trumpet of God shouting at his return. In our daily activities we need to be sure we are looking and listening for his imminent return. For as Luke 12 states, his coming will be an an hour that you do not expect him.
  • If we know that he is coming soon, and we ourselves are ready for it, what about those we come into contact with each day? The harvest is plentiful, but workers are few. So many we go by on a day to day basis who dont know the Lord. What about the coworker across in the next cubicle who constantly talks about partying all weekend. What about the friend you carpool with, the buddy you eat lunch with, or even the waitress who serves you that lunch. Eveyone at one point in their life should have the opportunity to hear about the saving grace our father gives to everyone who asks.
  • In Matthew 7 Jesus talks about not everyone who has done things for God will enter heaven. You can build your house with good deeds and works to make yourself feel good. But it all is worthless unless you have your foundation on Christ. When that day comes, what will happen to your house? What is your foundation set in.?
  • Once we begin to look and to listen for him, and we begin to labor for him with sharing his grace with others, are we then ready? Ok, let me ask you this question......Do you long for Christs return? How many times in our life do we experience a moment that is so exhilarating to us that we want to stay in that moment for a while. The day we get our drivers license, the day we graduate, the day we get married, the day that our children are born, or the day that any of these event happen to our children. We get so wrapped up in these moments that we say a little prayer....."Lord, please dont come now" Yet, when times are tough; the bills are piling up and collectors constantly call, our marriage is on the rocks, a close family member dies, or we ourselves have fallen ill. Then our prayer is, "Lord, please come now" No matter where you fall in that spectrum, ask yourself that question. Remember to long for his return in the bad, the not so good, and the blessed times all the same.

My life is about to change. We are expecting our third child. What is special about this one? Well, this time we are expecting a girl. I have always wanted a daughter. Im guilty of this little prayer. I want to experience having a little girl around. Do I long for the second coming of Christ? While the answer is normally yes, my human nature is fixed on the emotions that are accustomed to living the life of a human. Even though we experience these highs, our spirits ALWAYS should be longing for our Lords return.

Since we dont know when our Lord shall come again, we need to be Looking and Listening for his coming while we Labor for him while we Long for his return. On that day the Lord will look upon you and say, "Well done good and faithful servent"

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