Friday, May 1, 2009

Sometimes, Everytime

Sometimes I feel strong,
young and vibrant, alive in this world.

Sometimes I feel old,
sure that I've gone as far as i could go.

Sometimes I feel like Paul,
strong and focused on Gods will for me.

Sometimes I feel like the Rich Old Man,
feeling the task before me is just too great.

Sometimes I feel like David,
seeking Gods very own heart.

Then sometimes I feel like the Foolish Man,
trying to accomplish things on my own.

Sometimes I feel like Stephen,
knowing why I face dark situations.

And sometimes I feel like Moses,
wondering why God chose me in the first place.

Sometimes my spirit is in conflict,
between what I do, and what should be done.

Sometimes I feel like screaming,
but what good would that do?

Sometimes I feel like rejoicing,
for the joy he's brought to my life.

Why am I so torn,
between what is good and what is wrong?

It is hard to stay hot in the cold times,
its not easy to stay hot amidst the confusion.
and being lukewarm is out,
that only brings Gods wrath.

Everytime I get all mixed up,
I have a place to turn.

Every time I face defeat,
the Victor comes and saves me.

Everytime I seek him,
He will deliver me!

Everytime he will show me,
that I can overcome the sometimes.

He is everything,
not just sometimes,
but everytime.


(C)1995 Jeff Bray