Saturday, July 10, 2010

Strong and the Weak

The fountain flows, and the river dries,
You can see the peoples sorrows, and hear the childrens cries.

They were warned and they knew,
In their defense nothing to say, nothing to do.

Following the twisted trails, on toward the evergreens,
Searching for the higher ground, for those places never seen.

Having all but given up they fall, one by one by the wayside,
Only few will eventually endure, faces set toward the final goal.

Those who cannot measure up will point and laugh,
Making excuses on why they've fallen short.

Confused at what all this,
Means a lack of tenacity at this race,

or is it a game,

or maybe a crazy dream,
Yet all in all it seems real at that.

So, our final focus is on the reward,
On the reasons for this higher place,
On the grounds of pure insanity.

Call me crazy, or call me dumb, but eternity is worth a few years.
Too many don't even bother to try, and wonder why its difficult.

Complacency kills and idleness infects,
But taking on the challenge is a great thing:

The adventure of all adventures and the reward of rewards.

The cost requires complete affirmation,
And a will that belongs within One.

Still, the fountain will flow, and the river will dry
But we can live without the sorrow of the people
And the cries of the children,

Because we were warned and we all know,
What the spiritually idle can do to a soul.

(C)1997 Jeff Bray