Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just a few thoughts....

The last couple of months I have been really getting serious about my walk with Christ. I read more, pray more and yes, write more. Writing is a gift God has given me and I have not used it to the best of my ability. With that I am ashamed. Those of you who have read my blog before have seen me say that I am going to write more, but yet I dont. I intend to turn that around. Trying to refine that ability, I am keeping a journal of what I read and learn about that day. God always speaks to me in those devotional times. Sometimes He speaks to me more in what He reveals during my journaling time, than He does the actual devotion. Here are a few of those God given inpirations I have had during my devotional and journal times.....


--How many times do we inhibit God working in our situation by trying to force our agenda of how we want Him to work in our situation?

--One of the reasons its hard to forgive ourselves regarding the sin that we have committed is because we can still see it. Now, sin is in darkness and wants to stay in darkness. God is in light and will always remain in light. God casts out darkness just as light dispels darkness. So the closer we get to God, who is in the light, the less we see darkness. The less we see the darkness, the less we focus on the sin we were once in. And the guilt and unforgiveness of self will fade away.

--All in all God does work all things out for the good. If we are devoted to Him, He can turn any mistake into a lesson learned. All we need to do is call on Jesus and be obedient when He answers. Our obedience is key to His working. If we ignore it, then all that is left is either self pity or rationalization. Both are dangerous paths. One leads to worthlessness and the other to destructive habits. Obedience is the only path that will lead to true healing and a sense of worth. Then God can work in our lives for the good and make us whole again.

--God never said that we do not have to go through the situation. David had to face Goliath. God did not protected him from the situation. He protected him through the situation.

--God is the key to every marriage. If He is at the center and both of you are focused on that, then it will be one that will last a lifetime!! Evan a temporary loss of focus can be brought back. If the foundation is there, anything can be rebuilt.

--Remember, feelings are fleeting. Emotions run dry and then we feel empty, wondering if love was ever there in the first place. Human love is fragile. Only the love of God is perfect and never failing. Only that kind of love will get through those tough times. Only God can give you the love you need to love your spouse wholeheartedly. Trusting Him to provide love, when loves feeling is not there, is true understanding of unconditional love.