Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Deeper Experience

As many of you know I am an Insurance Agent. What you may not know that I also work overnights at the local Wal-Mart stocking shelves. All this to help make ends meet. For my birthday I received a MP3 player to have some tunes while I work. Most of the guys at work have one. It helps pass the time more quickly, not to mention it helps speed you up.

Last night I was listening to an old Degarmo and Key song, "Casual Christian". You may know the song. I remember singing it in Youth Group. Degarmo and Key recorded it pretty much as a worship song, while Im used to a faster upbeat version. Either way its an awesome song. Singing along, I started to really pay attention to the lyric. The conviction that they sing the song with comes out strongly and you can feel the intensity of what is really said.

"I dont want to be, I dont want to be a Casual Christian. I dont want to live, I dont want to live a luke warm life. 'Cause I want to light up the night, with an everlasting light. I dont want to live a Casual Christian life"

Ive sung those words hundreds of times. I started to think about how many people, myself included, have sang the words to songs and completly missed the meaning of what they are singing. There are so many different praise and worship songs out there and each have a specific meaning. And we say, "Ohh, I like this song". Not because of what is being sung, but because we like the beat. This is not only applies to praise and worship, but to Conterporary Christian hits as well. "Bring the Rain" by Casting Crowns comes to mind. You may say...."Yeah I like that song alot" ....but do you understand what that song is saying? Its talking about all the struggles in life and that if struggles bring you to praise God, then bring you struggles.

Casual Christian is asking God for something revolutionary. Most of us are comfortable living our casual lives. Not wanting the challenges of being a contageous christian. Living our ordinary lives just getting by allowing just enough grace in our lives to get our foot into heavens door. How would this world be if even half of christians would allow themselves to be challenged to go beyond what is considered safe. To live and tell of the words they sing every Sunday.

Next time you stand in worship on Sunday morning, turn up the radio in your car to a song you really like, or hear a song on your MP3 player as you stock shelves, really take the time to listen to the words. Not only will this allow you to gain an appreciation for the music, it will give you a new and deeper experience of worship. Bringing you even deeper into the presence of God.

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Anonymous said...

We surely live in times when we are called to make noise daily. We live in a shameless world. And it is no way the good Lord will be satisfied with casual Christians. But today there is no fear of God and so people don't give a damned. "What's in it for me" they think and decide to play along. It takes a man (or a woman) to be a Christian and few are such today. Shamelessness have totally ruined Christian societies. Hrmpf! :-)

I saw a picture of you with a baby in your arms in that Facebook apparatus. Has your little daughter come? In that case: Congratulations.


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