Saturday, July 26, 2008

Never Forsaken

I have tried for so long to forget about it.

Did all I could to just avoid it.

Wasting all my time ignoring it.

Each time I would end up lonely,

using all my chances , but you.

I didnt want to admit,

that your love is what i lacked.

Ive tried to drown my sorrows,

always waking up emptier than before.

Ive tried to hide in a cloud of smoke,

but still your convictions reached the depths of me.

Every effort I made, you matched, only better.

I just dont understand.....

Why did you chose me, when there are others better?

why was i so important that you devoted yourself to my cause?

Im at the bottom of this well of life,

the only way to go is up from here.

So now Lord, I surrender all to you.

for if you care that much for me,

you must be worth it.

(C)1997 Jeff Bray

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