Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Those He Seeks

Under the coverage of night he prowls,
Masquerading as an angel of light.
Lurking through the shadows, seeking one to devour.

For his prey has no face, no earthly value.

Is it the one who strives to take up a stance,
the man who dares to confront face to face?
Or is it the one who cowers at a firm hand?

Some may say it is the week and lowly,
the ones who dont stand a chance.
But what is weak and lowly to someone who is seeking power?

Others say it is the evil ones he seeks,
Those already doing his bidding.
Yet, what good is winning an ally when it is good that opposes?

No, it is the good ones he seeks out:
The man who loves his wife
The young lady who values her virtue
The sinner returned to Christ

Those, my friend, are the prey of this faceless foe.

He does not need to win those hes already won!
He does not need to push those already on the ground.

But the ones who hold tight to the word of Glod,
Who can overturn the strongholds of the enemy,
are the ones he longs to conquer.

(C)2000 Jeff Bray

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