Friday, July 11, 2008

Within The Lattice

Taking a walk on a winters morn,
I see a light up the road.
Walking up to a window,
I brush away the frost.

Outside in the cold,
Looking thru this lattice,
I see a family filled with joy.

Each one has a smile and a glow,
as if there wasnt a care in the world.

The father sits in the center of the room, pipe in mouth.
Mother stands close beside, hand on shoulder.
Two children laughing and playing, halos over head.
All in front of a roaring fire.

At the feet of father lies a puppy,
steadily wagging its tail,
even he seems to smile.

There is a warmth here,
But it isnt from the fire.

As I stand feet in the snow,
I feel a tear run down my cheek.
Rubbing my nose on my sleeve I turn away.
Yet, something inside causes me to glance again.

Looking again upon that picture of peace,
Thru this lattice on a cold winters morn,
I cant help feel lost and lonely.

Where is the love in my life?

Where is the joy that was promised?

Why cant I get into that room?

I knock....but no one listens.
I cry...they dont hear my words.
It empties me to feel my pain unnoticed.

Why cant they understand?

Why wont they open up the door?

Even the window would suffice,
Just to feel a little of the warmth on my face,
to dry these tears of mine.

Oh, for just one minute in that home,
to feel the Arms of Love around me.
I could carry it for a lifetime,
all I ask for is a chance.

A chance to feel be loved,
to be wanted and accepted.
I want the warmth of a family around me,
to have the love envelope me,
so that I drown in the feelings that would surround me.

Lord, why does it have to be this way?
Why am I out here with them inside?
Can I receive this gift?

If so: when, how where does it lie?

All I ask for is one minute,
For all that my heart desires,
lies within the lattice.

(C)1997 Jeff Bray

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